Peter T. Rowe

Proprietor and Chief Wizard

Specializing in:

Power Management

Power Systems Design and Analysis

Radio and Data Link design

Very-Low-Power Sensor Design

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Our Products and Services

Rowe Labs specializes in the management and design of customized low and very-low power systems and sensors. With over 40 years experience in industry, Rowe Labs has worked at the cutting edge of radio technology, power management, and low power long life sensor systems for commercial and military applications.  Rowe Labs' designs are found in the thin, piercing cold of high-altitude flight, and in the heat and crushing pressures inside the San Andreas fault.  When you need a rugged, low-power, long-life system or sensor, Rowe Labs' designs can be tailored to your particular needs.            Back to Top


About me

For over 40 years I have worked in the defense industry and for commercial clients.  I have performed, and intimately understand, program/project management and systems engineering, but for me the real fun is in custom circuit design.

I began in the RF world, specializing in ionospheric research and high-frequency propagation.  I helped develop high-frequency chirp sounders for the military, which required high dynamic range front ends, highly stable reference oscillators, and precision phase counting synthesizers.

Soon I moved into surveillance and reconnaissance systems, focusing on very-low-power, battery-driven sensors spanning from DC to light frequencies. Since many of my designs were battery powered, I began to specialize in power systems research and management.  My work on battery chemistries and their applicability in various environments led to my appointment to a power systems study group for the U. S. government to guide the application of emerging power sources to the needs of difficult environments.

As a circuit designer, I began, as we all did, in analog circuit and system design, and moved into the world of digital circuit development as technology advanced.  Today, I work comfortably in the analog and digital realms bringing creative solutions to hard problems.  While I love the rugged reliability of quality analog design, I am quick to turn to PIC microcontrollers to provide my clients with complete system capabilities.   Back to Top

About Rowe Labs

Rowe Labs is well stocked not only with the usual complement of test equipment, but also with the specialized test equipment required for custom circuit design and test. The Labs' equipment includes:

   Synthesizers and signal generators to 6 GHz

  Spectrum analyzers to 22 GHz

  200-MHz oscilloscopes (digital and analog)

  Data and BER generators

  More radios than should be allowed in a single facility

  High-voltage power supplies to 30 KV DC

  Thermal test chamber

  Radiation monitoring equipment

  PIC microcontroller development system

  Rubidium frequency standard

  GPS disciplined quartz frequency standard

   Automatic data acquisition systems                                 Back to Top



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